[CentOS-devel] php53 / bind97

Tue Feb 1 12:04:26 UTC 2011
Paulo Martinez <martinezino at googlemail.com>


Am 28.01.2011 um 02:04 schrieb Karanbir Singh:
> On 01/27/2011 06:04 PM, Athmane Madjoudj wrote:
>> I've successfully installed Drupal 7 (require PHP>  5.2 ) on php53  
>> stack
>> from c5-testing , everything seems to work correctly.
> This is awesome. I wonder how many other php apps that needed > 5.1  
> will
> now no longer need external repo's to work on CentOS-5 ?

What about php53-mcrypt? I remember that the sources are in php- 
extras, thought.
Is this package centos specific? Where it come from? I would offer  
time to compile
and test it on my systems (phpmyadmin complains about missing mcrypt).

> It would be even cool'er if we could get a list of them, test them and
> have their names listed in the Release Notes for 5.6 . Alternatively,
> perhaps in a php specific section of the wiki; or, feature creep, in  
> an
> Apps known to work with CentOS section!

Right now, my tests were done with custom php applications and all  
apps run fine!

short_open_tag = On needed in php.ini (default off now!).