[CentOS-devel] Website Version 2, next steps

Fri Feb 18 17:23:02 UTC 2011
Andrea Veri <av at gnome.org>

Il giorno 17/feb/2011, alle ore 23.16, Ralph Angenendt ha scritto:

> Also on the website will be generated content for CentOS. This means the
> hosting of upstream documentation, automated content via RSS (so
> planet.centos.org shouldn't be it's own page anymore, those Feeds should
> be on the website), Twitter feeds and so on. No decision on whose feeds
> should be found on there have been made yet.

Nice idea! Drupal do have a feed's module!

> If you are looking for events, where you can talk to people who are
> around CentOS should also be found on the website.
> Mirrors, mirror status and general infrastructure content will also be
> on the website.
> Downloads for projects within CentOS should also be found here (like
> Artwork, special CD isos, or whatever you can think of a project within
> the CentOS eco system)
> Aim is to have something which can be automatically filled in parts, and
> be easy to access and update in the other parts.
> The website is for finished things.

I agree with all the above. We just need to define which software to use
and then we should just roll up our sleeves and start making this real.

Will wait the next step.