[CentOS-devel] CentOS-4.9 SRPMS

Sat Feb 19 16:09:43 UTC 2011
js <jsh at interlug.net>

Le 19/02/11 19:02, Johnny Hughes a écrit :
> Have you ever even seen the fedora project (the absolute most open
> project in the world, BTW) all people to compile SRPMS on their
> computers for inclusion into the project.
> Absolutely not ...
> They would NEVER allow someone to compile binaries somewhere else and
> ask that they somehow be included in the distribution.  That is just
> crazy talk.
The fact is, fedora is not Centos; Fedora is the "lab of" Redhat.
So, yes they will never let me (or you?) build anything in your box, of 
course :)

> If you are one of the chosen people who are allowed to actually submit
> packages to the official fedora build system, that is one thing ...
> there are a few of those people.  Not everyone who wants to is allowed
> to be the lead for fedora packages.  See if they will let you be the
> fedora lead for glibc or the kernel.  And this is the most open project
> out there.
> I have no idea what you know about building packages because I have
> never met you, how does it help me to know that you can (or can not)
> build the packages on a non-controlled environment (non controlled by me)?
> We have build systems that we use, we have a controlled environment on
> those build systems.  The are setup so that only specific people have
> access. Those machines and are owned by donors who expect us to control
> the access on the machines, etc.
I think you miss something (And you think I want that everyone will 
access to your "big servers" :)
Build a package is not the same thing as sign it:
Let me explain this:
You have a problem to build srpms; you know like me that sometimes 
Redhat miss
dependencies, some -devel rpms are missing, worst: you need the specific 
gcc version to avoid a bug.

So, your build environment will fail to build this srpms;
How do you fix this issue? how many people can work on it?
I mean, if everyone can "clone" your build-env (ok, mock is not too hard 
to use):
everyone can test the build process, see what's wrong and send to the 
dev team a patched spec file
to try to fix the issue.

> If you want to test the binaries that we have built before release, that
> is what the QA team does.  There are currently 25 people in that group.
>   We might ask for more people to join that group.
when you're in QA, the hard work is close to be done :)

> But none of that happens until we fix the build issues that we have
> after we build and test the packages.   Building them on a non
> centos.org machine is not an option.  Just like would not allow you to
> build a fedora package on a non-fedora machine.
To be very clear:
Actually, there is a way to reproduce a build-test env without the need 
to be on a "holy centos.org" machine ?
Yes or No?

If yes, when a member find the problem, he can upload the srpm with the 
patch and let you rebuild it on a "genuine" centos.org
build machine;
I don't see in what this can be a problem.
if no: ok so ... we hope the guru is not sick or in holidays :)