[CentOS-devel] progress?

Sun Feb 20 14:15:47 UTC 2011
Ljubomir Ljubojevic <office at plnet.rs>

js wrote:
> I apply more credits to Dag so we can have more details.
> note:
> people equipped with brains are polite, think about it.

I do not see how you could ever reach this conclusion. Politeness has 
nothing to do with intelligence (If we overlook the fact that ALL 
people/homo sapiens HAVE the brain :-D ).

It's more of the emotional response to irritating environment. I for one 
become more aggressive when extreme heat is applied to my body making me 
aggressive driver when I have no way of cooling myself.

I also get highly irritated when those less intelligent then my self 
(99%) start *insisting* (repeating it over and over) that I explain to 
them some things they are not capable of grasping. I have reasonable 
tolerance built-in in my brain/personality. I do freelance IT 
maintenance and I am also a local WISP so I am used to explain absolute 
basics OVER AND OVER AND OVER... without snapping at them, but my 
tolerance caves under extended time of applied pressure. I then snap on 
them, or someone else around in order to vent-out.

Also, there must be a lot of people, that talked with me over the phone, 
believing that I was rude just because I would end the conversation 
right after we finished conversing the stuff call was all about. I just
can not process the need mediocre/most of people have to prolong the 
conversation after the reason for calling is fulfilled, just because the 
conversation was very short (for example, they ask me when I can come to 
check something, I answer them and then try to finish the conversation 
so I can continue what I was doing). This excludes if I consider them 
friends or the caller starts the conversation with "I wanted to 
hear/talk to you" or similar.

Politeness is mostly used to mask someones true intent in order to have 
you like them, thus improving their influence over you. Take a look at 
the worst scum on this planet, politicians, lawyers and hustlers and 
there is not need for further explanation. It's JUST a mask, you will 
never be as polite to esthetically ugly person as you are to gorgeous 
female or VIP unless you realize this and forceably correct you behavior.

I prefer that people are open and honest to me, and to tell me to stop 
irritate them, then for them to pretend.

And when I work I *HATE* to waist my time trying to explain what exactly 
I am doing, especially if I am helping someone without compensation. 
"How much longer Papa Smurf?" makes me want to just give up and do 
something more gratifying.

P.S. Sorry for the great off-topic