[CentOS-devel] Website Version 2, next steps

Mon Feb 21 12:12:19 UTC 2011
Andreas Rogge <a.rogge at solvention.de>

Am 20.02.2011 02:03, schrieb James Hogarth:
> The instance should be properly indexing cname (or whichever value anyway).

Yes, of course.

> The real question is the value used for login... and I would suggest a
> simple username as opposed to email to make email changing easier and
> would not cause/require a reindex.

We do not intend to use the e-mail address as a username. We just intend 
to identify users in the different legacy account databases based on that.

For example:
I got a wiki-account "AndreasRogge" with my e-mail address
I got a bugs.c.o account "arogge" with my e-mail address
I'm subscribed to the lists with my e-mail address

So the easiest way to identify all my centos accounts in all legacy 
databases is to look for my e-mail address.
This probably works for most users since most people probably just use 
one mail-address for everything that's related to centos. For those who 
don't we will probably send out a reminder and ask them to make sure all 
their accounts have the same address before we merge.
The people who are not merged correctly and end up with multiple 
accounts will have to call "support" to merge their accounts manually.

After the Databases are merged you can (probably) continue to log in 
using your old username (assuming there were no name-clashes), but you 
now use the same password for everything and you will be able to use 
that account for all new CentOS' applications (the Wiki will use the 
same password, but keep the wikiname-syntax FirstnameLastname).

Eventually we will end up with an account system that contains an e-mail 
address, a wikiname (for the wiki), a username (for "everything else") 
and a password.

Besides the merge itself the mail-address won't be used as "username" or 
"primary key" anywhere it wasn't used before (i.e. mailman).


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