[CentOS-devel] progress?

Tue Feb 22 18:16:46 UTC 2011
Bill McGonigle <bill at bfccomputing.com>

On 02/20/2011 02:16 PM, Johnny Hughes wrote:
>   If I publish it, then that helps other people
> like Oracle or whomever, build the upstream product.  Have any of you
> considered what potential impact the CentOS relationship with the
> upstream provider might suffer if we started publishing things that are
> negative?

Oh.  My previous comment was sent before I noticed this other branch of 
this thread on the archives.  Having read this now, my suggestion of 
publishing 'BRPM' type files would not make sense, if a goal of the 
CentOS project is to prevent potential downstreams (i.e. spins).

That's not open-source-cool in my book, but I didn't mean to be tilting 
at windmills on this list.


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