[CentOS-devel] progress?

Tue Feb 22 23:52:07 UTC 2011
Ralph Angenendt <ralph.angenendt at gmail.com>

Am 19.02.11 17:43, schrieb Steve Meyers:

> Would it make sense to have a script that preps the build system for 
> building a certain package, and maintain individual scripts or 
> configurations for each package?  These configurations would prepare the 
> build environment itself rather than modifying the SRPM.

The problem is that in the case where CentOS needs to change the
packages, the SRPMS which CentOS provides also need to be changed, as
they cannot be redistributed without the changes. But maybe I am not
really understanding the problem which is being tried to solve here. The
already changed RPMs are easy to discern from the not-needed-to-change
RPMs, as they have a ".centos." in the naming.