[CentOS-devel] Website Version 2, next steps

Thu Feb 24 02:50:07 UTC 2011
Stephen Walsh <steve at nerdvana.org.au>

On 02/24/2011 05:23 AM, James A. Peltier wrote:
> | I would highly recommend using CVS to maintain the base Drupal and
> | third party module instances. Using CVS with the appropriate stable
> | tags makes it easy to upgrade from version to version and makes
> | maintenance of the thousands of Drupal modules much easier.

There are tools like drush and aegir which are designed to plug into 
puppet et al, and keep your site up to date. At a pinch, if we really 
want to go down that path, we can even pull a patch set and apply just 
the diffs as the code base evolves.

Management of the CMS is not the issue, it's the functionality and 
suitability of what we use for the task, be it Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla 
or ${select * from cms.favorites where type = 'php';}.

My preference is Drupal, mainly due to my experience with it, but I'd 
done similar site with wordpress as well. There are ways to mitigate the 
exploits and attacks that will come from running a php (or any type of ) 
CMS, but they're to be discussed down the track.