[CentOS-devel] are there any chances to see finished CentOS6 in 2011?

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Thu Jan 6 23:00:12 UTC 2011

Hi Thomas, I seem to have missed your email yesterday.

On 01/05/2011 01:37 PM, Thomas Bendler wrote:
>     CentOS is not SL
> I know but the source is equal.

Not really. They do things to the distro that we dont - and we work 
towards different(ish ?) goals. A bulk of the work is shared and perhaps 
overlaps, which is why having them do their thing on a different track 
is good - for us and for them.

> I'm seeking for two different things, one thing is an alpha or beta ISO
> (which gives you at least the ability to install a minimal CentOS 6) two

This is the bit that I dont understand. If there is an ISO set, why 
would it be Alpha or Beta ? if the iso sets are complete - we release 
that stuff as gold.

> check if procedures like Cobbler or Puppet or ... are still functional
> or if things need to be changed. Using SL6 or RHEL6 didn't help much
> because facter return different values (i.e. facter operatingsystem

That is a good point - and something that is worth looking into. But I 
think you have the stick facing the wrong way. What we could potentially 
do is isolate what contents in the distro impact these tools and then 
talk to the project upstreams to make sure we are all in the same boat. 
However, the focus isnt working with these tools - the idea of these 
tools working is upto them doing whats needed to work with CentOS. The 
CentOS focus is and must remain upstream compatible.

Perhaps more thought is needed on how we can make things be more 
other-project compatible. Or, looking at this from a different angle, 
help / facilitate other projects be compatible with CentOS.

> gives RedHat instead of CentOS which brake all operating system selectors).
> The second thing is a built environment that help me to find bugs in the
> build process and gives me the ability to fix them. It would also be

The idea of sekreet-sauce is completely unfounded. And therein lies the 
issue. Too many people think that we bless the stuff with some holy 
water from somewhere to magically churn out packages. Its simply not 
true. At best a rpmbuild -ba <foo.spec>; should give you a usable 
result, at worst a mock rebuild. As for documenting things - so many 
people are using bugs.c.o already, why do you find that unsuitable ?

> A bit, I mean problems remaining in the current CentOS 6 built process.
> I would like to help sorting problems out to get CentOS6 as soon as
> possible, but I don't know what problems are still blocking CentOS 6
> I don't get you wrong (hopefully) and I really appreciate the work that
> is done from the CentOS team, I just want to figure out if there are
> possibilities to speed up the process to release CentOS 6 by helping
> with bug reports or patches to have CentOS 6 up in the air soon.

havent we already been over this ground repeatedly a few times on the 
list already ?

- KB

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