[CentOS-devel] irc meeting today re: 5.6/6.0

Zenon Panoussis oracle at provocation.se
Sun Jan 16 16:42:57 UTC 2011

On 01/16/2011 04:36 AM, Karanbir Singh wrote:

>> Please let me know if/how I can help. I can afford to put one box and 10-20
>> hours weekly into this for the next few weeks.

> The opportunity to help and contribute for 6.0 has been out there for a 
> few months now. 

I haven't been reading the list, so I am completely out of sync.

> Exactly what would you like clarification on ?

What I can do to help. I don't have bandwidth to offer, but I do have time
and knowledge. Thus, if you have any pending tasks in these two releases
that you could throw at me, I'd be happy to do them. And if you don't want
to involve a newcomer in the releases themselves, but there is something
somewhere else that I could do to free up some of your time for the releases,
I'd gladly do that.


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