[CentOS-devel] tracking packages in a Release, through the life of the release

Karanbir Singh

mail-lists at karan.org
Thu Jan 6 15:23:16 UTC 2011

On 12/03/2010 03:21 PM, Jeff Johnson wrote:> Are you _REALLY_ gonna test 
-debuginfo packages? How?

no test for any of the debuginfo pkgs, beyond the usual rpm tests ( is a 
valid pkg and signed with right key etc ).

> But I digress ... the suggestion is for a single repository
> for all -debuginfo instead.

right, that sounds good.

Does anyone have any opinions on this issue w.r.t 6.0 ? Its about time 
we started looking at the repo layouts and how the yum configs are going 
to be setup.

- KB

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