[CentOS-devel] A new look for CentOS: Main discussion

Andrea Veri

av at gnome.org
Fri Jan 28 16:30:47 UTC 2011


after a talk on #centos-devel with Ralph and Karanbir, we've decided
to send out a mail with all the details we might want to discuss on the list.

Here are a few points:

1. Who will take the responsibility to coordinate the work and the ipothetic
team we could set up to make this possible. I offered to cover that role and I 
will do my best to have everything working.

2. Karanbir suggested that around 3-4 people should be involved in the project,
2a. developer / coder on the platform
2b. a sysadmin type person ( James Hogarth (james.hogarth at gmail.com) offered
to help out with this role)
3c. atleast 1 UI person
4d atleast one design person in the website SIG

if you are willing to help out, please state your intentions on this mail! 

3. cms software to use, many proposals have been made to the list about which
software the new website should use. This is actually up to the official CentOS
developers but looks like drupal is the platform that took more +1 to the list since
now.  (it also has LDAP integration which seemed to be the bottleneck for Ralph
in the previous try to renew the website)

4. What the website should contain that it is not on the wiki? We will have to set up
a wiki page with all ideas and opinions about this to avoid adding useless content.

5. Having the infrastructure up and running. This is an important point since we can
spend words and words on the mailing list or irc but we need to make our ideas
effective, otherwise we will get back to the old situation. (i.e stuck after 3 years)

6. I / we think that it is not time to change, I know it will take time, much time and even
months but we need to start making this happen. 

well, that's all. Please contribute to the discussion, any idea or proposal is welcome but 
please avoid to send out a post commenting which software should be used or not. (this call will be made
by official centos developers like Ralph or Karanbir) We need to know if anyone is willing to help and give some time to the project and also we want to hear your ideas about the website content, what do you think it will be useful to have on the website, what's not,what should go to the wiki etc. We need a website that does something and provide useful informations for newcomers and for experienced users, a website which is nice and handy at the same time.

Let's make this happen altogether.


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