[CentOS-devel] are there any chances to see finished CentOS6 in 2011?

Garry Dale

garry.dale at gmail.com
Sat Jan 1 22:36:06 UTC 2011

Charlie Brady wrote:
> Please explain the logic. Why does the volume imply that CentOS 
> development must be closed? Why does the volume imply that there cannot be 
> alphas or betas? Do Fedora and Debian not also have large volume?
> Are there any plans to tackle the human bottleneck issues within the 
> CentOS development process?

The invitation to contribute to the CentOS Project (aka those who 
*build* CentOS) is out there [1].

And CentOS is not "about" being on the cutting edge; it's provided free 
"to anyone who wishes to use it" [2].

I see no issues.


[1] http://wiki.centos.org/Contribute
[2] http://wiki.centos.org/FAQ/General

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