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Douglas McClendon

dmc.centos at filteredperception.org
Sun Jan 2 22:15:45 UTC 2011

On 01/02/2011 03:38 PM, Cia Watson wrote:
> On Sun, 2 Jan 2011 14:39:57 -0500
> Kenneth Armstrong<digimars at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Will CentOS 6 also have the same wallpaper packages that came with
>> RHEL 6?  The reason that I ask is that I love the new wallpapers in
>> RHEL 6, but I'm not sure if they are copyrighted or anything to the
>> point that CentOS can't import them in the build.
>> Thanks, and keep up the good work.  I use CentOS alongside RHEL at
>> work, and it is a fantastic project.
>> -Kenny
> Hi Kenny,
> I don't know if the wallpaper packages from RHEL 6 will carry over to
> CentOS 6 or not, however if they don't you could always copy them
> from /usr/share/backgrounds on a RHEL 6 install. I suspect the default
> ones outside of the separate folders (i.e. nature, cosmos, etc.) may be
> copyrighted images but I just looked at the ones from the beta and
> don't see a specific copyright mark so it's hard to say.

The one very specific example I'm aware of is the Luis Argerich one of 
beach/storm/lighting which I've chosen to use initially as the default 
for my SL6alpha derived LiveDVD/USB distro.  On it, there is a specific 
permissive creative commons license marked on the background itself. 
I'm actually unsure if it allows removing that mark (for aesthetics) and 
placing it in an accompanying license text file, but I did take the 
liberty of moving it somewhere where it isn't covered up by my gnome-panel.

In general I'm guessing that RH is pretty good about segregating the 
stuff that isn't redistributable.  I.e. I've watched the evolution 
across recent fedora releases that was more or less designed to make 
brandstripping redistributor's lives easier.  Not as easy yet as 'rpm -e 
--nodeps redhat* ; yum -y install generic-*', but getting closer.


  I think the
> ones in the folders are pretty standard gnome wallpaper images.
> If you're just going to use it as a personal desktop wallpaper on
> CentOS I would think that'd be o.k.; but IANAL. I suspect someone more
> familiar with what will be included in CentOS 6 will be able to say for
> sure.
> Cia W
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