[CentOS-devel] are there any chances to see finished CentOS6 in 2011?

Farkas Levente

lfarkas at lfarkas.org
Wed Jan 5 21:44:45 UTC 2011

On 01/05/2011 09:42 PM, Karanbir Singh wrote:
>> you don't even response me when i wrote that building rhel-6 on
>> centos-5 host is not advised.
> by whom ? and why ?

i assume you read this list and read my reply too:
imho Jakub is the most knowledgeable man in this subject, so i believe
him, but may be you know it better.
and that's the point. we (and here many people wrote the same) really
like to help, but you (since you alone make all decision) do not accept
any help. the problem here is not that you don't know about it, the
problem is that we don't know anything about:
- what are the buildsystem (os, env, scripts etc)
- how do you build the rpms
and in this case even if someone like to help or can recognize any kind
of bug, problem or fault there is no chance for this.
the problem here is that you build a buggy centos-6 and nobody even can
recognize it.
you'd read the cathedral and bazar.
nobody tell that "i can do it better" even we believe you are the most
knowledgeable among us i'm sure more people can do it better.

>> is there any open source control system for centos patches? where the
>> open not referring to the source control code:-)
> no there isnt, we dont use a vcs for those - we track in srpms, thats 
> been made clear a few dozen times now - I suggest you start reading this 
> list since you are on it.

that's make it easy to track who made what, who modify what and why and
made it easy for anyone to help.

>> can anybody review the current patches _before_ the final release of centos-6?
> how many patches have you submitted ? what part of the process did you 
> fail at ?

how can i submit? is there any docs about it? how can i see other patch?
ohh yes there are the srpms and i can look into the ~2000 srpm for
centos patches...

>> can anybody easily browse the patches and can send fixes or should
> sure
>> open all src.rpm and copy out from them.
> all srpms built so far are available on ftp.redhat.com.

we talk about here centos patches. does the ftp.redhat.com srpms
contains the centos patches?

>> can anybody easily browse the build system? can anybody easily browse
>> the build log files like in case of fedora koji very useful when
>> someone like to debug a build or find a problem and even try to fix
> the buildsystem isnt public, its not going to be. As I had said a few 
> months back we can work on some process to make some info from the 
> system available publicly - but thats not something we want to look at 
> before c6 is out of the door. There is a fair bit of work needed to make 
> that happen, and I feel spending the open-source time we all have ( 
> remember that none of us do this as a day job ) is better spent working 
> on that target at this time.
> Farkas, the point that you seem to prefer to always ignore is that there 
> is a process in place, and we would really like to stick with that. If 
> you want an upstream you can track and work inside, checkout Fedora that 
> might be more to your liking.

there is a typo above s/we/i/ :-)

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