[CentOS-devel] Am I qualified to help?

Hubert Bahr

hab at hbahr.org
Wed Jan 5 23:52:26 UTC 2011

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> I am sure you can - there are a fair few request for patchs' in the 
> bugs.c.o interface, those pkgs are going to need patches :) I am going 
> to start from one end, if you want to pickup any specific ones, feel 
> free to do so.
I assume you are referring to bugs.centos.org.  I have created an 
account there and set my preferences to centos 6 and I see 47 entries 
with status entries of confirmed, feedback, acknowledge, new, assigned.  
I assume assigned are indeed that and don't need to be looked at.  I 
guess the most of rest still need patches.  I assume these are patches 
against the redhat  source rpms.   How do you want them submitted?  I 
also assume severity "block" are first priority.  Which end are you 
starting from.  I assume numerical bug ID# tracker order.   In building 
from Red Hat sources we also needed to patch several specs plus a couple 
of source files.  Frakus submitted them upstream but they have not 
migrated through their process.  Do you want those submitted?  I think 
this is the area I prefer to work.  I guess I will start at the high end 
and work backwards.
>  Also the code / branding audit isnt really quite done as 
> yet. So thats another option to start with
> - KB
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