[CentOS-devel] Am I qualified to help?

Karanbir Singh

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Thu Jan 6 10:05:48 UTC 2011

On 01/05/2011 11:52 PM, Hubert Bahr wrote:
 > I assume you are referring to bugs.centos.org.  I have created an
 > account there and set my preferences to centos 6 and I see 47 entries
 > with status entries of confirmed, feedback, acknowledge, new, 
assigned. I assume assigned are indeed that and don't need to be looked at.

Thats mostly on target. However, plenty of pkgs which dont have a report 
against them might also need to be looked at for various reasons - so 
its worth keeping an eye out for those.

What I usually recommend to people is : first consider the package set 
you are most interested in, either since thats the package set you are 
going to most use, or thats the target role you are most keen on 
deploying into ( in many case, both those are prolly the same thing 
anyway ). Once you have done those, move onto the rest.

 > guess the most of rest still need patches.  I assume these are patches
 > against the redhat  source rpms.   How do you want them submitted?  I

patches should be named centos-<pkgname>-<functionality>.patch and 
attached as files on the tracker ( there are a few there you can look at 
already, or look in the c5 tree to see how they were done there ).

 > also assume severity "block" are first priority.  Which end are you

Dont mark anything as block  - thats something the QA / Automated 
Testing will throw up ( eg. a missing package in the final tree or 
invalid binary or unsigned packages etc ). In most cases, you should 
just report and leave the issue marked as 'new'. If you look at the 
AuditStatus page, the various status' also have some comments on what 
they mean or how we use them.

 > starting from.  I assume numerical bug ID# tracker order.   In building
 > from Red Hat sources we also needed to patch several specs plus a 
couple of source files.

This is an interesting conversation in itself - we dont patch spec files 
for buildtime issues. But if you bring up a few cases, we can talk about 

 >  Frakus submitted them upstream but they have not
 > migrated through their process.  Do you want those submitted?  I think
 > this is the area I prefer to work.  I guess I will start at the high 
end and work backwards.

When in doubt, submit a report :) we need to find more stuff for Fabian, 
Manuel and Jeff to do anyway!

- KB

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