[CentOS-devel] thanks for the offers to help test the installer

Karanbir Singh

mail-lists at karan.org
Wed Jan 12 16:31:09 UTC 2011

Hi Floris,

On 01/11/2011 01:39 PM, Floris Bos wrote:
> Attached a kickstart file that is known to work with Scientific Linux 6 alpha.
> As well as a kickstart file with a software RAID1 configuration that throws an
> error with Scientific Linux.
> The exact same disk layout does work with Centos 5.5, so submitting it as test
> case.

thanks for this - it helps.

Its quite good to have test cases, where failure of a process to 
complete is the test itself ( so a test success is based on a process or 
expected failure ).

the scripts are going to need a bit of editing before we can put them 
into an automation, I intend to work with Fabian to get that done and 
setup along with a feedback loop - so there is a reporting mechanism 
that shows what the outcome from the last test set was.

- KB

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