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But in my opinion, both are important, but I think CentOS 5.6 is more
important than 6 at this time. Yes, I'm really expecting for CentOS 6, but
when C6 is ready I will take some time to migrate my "old" CentOS 5 platform
to C6. Deploy a new C6 server will be really easy, but migrating my
"outdated" systems to them, don't.

In other side I can easily update any CentOS 5.x to CentOS 5.6 (I still have
some Cent OS 5.3 running mission critical things), and that's give me more
time to do a migration plan.

I still think those people who waited RHEL6/C6 for so long time would wait a
month more or two. Because the people who wants fresh packages shouldn't use
Cent OS. I'm always looking for stability in first place, and the C5 base is
very well consolidated in hardware suppliers and software companies.

(and thanks for the email in the list, I don't use twitter).

2011/1/14 Veiko Kukk <veiko at ekp.ee>

> On 13/01/11 19:31, Phil Schaffner wrote:
> > http://twitter.com/centos
> >
> > "So: QA 5.6 and 6.0 in parallel or prefer one release over the other.
> > Imho, 5.6 impacts existing installs, should get higher pref. Thoughts ?"
> My vote goes for 6.0. We can live without 5.6, but 6.0 is really needed.
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> Veiko
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