[CentOS-devel] irc meeting today re: 5.6/6.0

Ljubomir Ljubojevic

office at plnet.rs
Sun Jan 16 11:41:57 UTC 2011

jean-seb wrote:
> Le 16/01/2011 07:37, Karanbir Singh a écrit :
>> On 01/15/2011 01:57 PM, Bart Swedrowski wrote:
>>> You could start seeding to primary mirrors + share ISO images over
>>> torrent network.  This way torrent would be used as a help for loaded
>>> mirrors...
>> That is actually a very major misconception. Torrents to seed mirrors is 
>> quite a bit slower than seeding them in the rsync tree's.
>> - KB
> Hello,
> If your ISP apply QOS on torrent traffic to limit bandwidth, yes.
> but it it's not the case, Torrents are as fast as rsync.
> Regards,
> js.

There is no need to complicate thing with torrents for mirrors. This can 
only help with inter-mirror infrastructure and not for end user. End 
user need to use yum, so messing with torrents is futile.

Since mirrors will be (over)loaded when ISO's are released, and mirrors 
will distribute bandwidth accordingly, downloading them will be slower. 
I suggested that publishing torrents only in devel list, and not for all 
to see, for a few days, and in case normalizing mirrors will take 
several days, would benefit us on the list waiting this release since 
first RHEL Beta was released (6-7 months ago).

I installed it on my laptop and even created local repo for additional 
packages, and am using it ever since. But since it is beta and plus 
customized, it is prone to sporadic crashing. And I still use it every day.
My home PC is CentOS 5.5 with large number of additional packages, 40-50 
I created my self, like latest Skype version rpm and OpenOffice 3.2. But 
  I constantly have USB problems on my MB, needing to disable EHCI 
module so HP-1020 printer would work and USB connected discs would not 
disappear in the middle of the copying to and from them, an multiple 
times a day, every day event. Not to mention Krusader 2.x featury to 
create a queue for copying multiple files/folders and then leave it 
unattended, something I miss for 3-4 years when I switched to 
Linux/CentOS only PC.

There are also several server/desktop PC's in small companies I maintain 
in need of CentOS 6 package base, and several more waiting for Linux 
installation but postponed until CentOS 6 is released. Once it is 
released, I will be finally able to install stable (rpm based) linux to 
people interested in modern Linux.

If I had any free time (I am one-man show - WISP/IT Specialist without 
more then 3-day vacation in last 8 years) I would have jumped in and 
helped to release CentOS 6 as fast as possible.

Those are the reasons I anxiously await ISO's so I can instantly 
reinstall my home PC's. Since packages will be the same on the mirrors 
and on the ISO's, and since I will need a day or two to backup existing 
system and write down all the applications I will need, I was hoping to 
avoid rush hour when CentOS is released. Seeding would be me giving back 
to community.

My suggestion was only that, an suggestion, and if it is decided to wait 
I will reluctantly wait for it.

P.S. Me anxiously waiting for release to be ready has nothing to do with 
excellent job CentOS team is doing, and in no way it is meant as ANY 
kind of critique.


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