[CentOS-devel] Updates between minor releases

Tue Jul 12 10:22:20 UTC 2011
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 07/12/2011 08:11 AM, Marcus Moeller wrote:
> Hi all.
> In general the release of CentOS 6 has been appreciated a lot in the
> German-speaking countries. But a lot of ppl complained about how updates


> are handled in transition phases between minor releases (e.g. 5.5 to 5.6).

erm, we addressed this a while back with the conversation about the CR 
process ( its even mentioned in the C6 announcement )

in a nutshell, there are 4 key facts :

- all updates are provided in a sane build ( ie, some tests have been 
done and they *should* be all in a good state ); its not easy to isolate 
the SA's only, it would need to be everything

- Its not dropped in by default, the user would need to make a manual 
choice to opt into this repo

- We need to think about, put in place and execute a very visible and 
very focused education campeign to make sure that a large number of 
people are aware of its existance, know what the implications are, and 
have the facts they need to make a decision.

- The process needs to gurantee an exit strategy / rebase to <rel>/os/ + 
<rel>/updates when a point release is publicly available with media.

We are getting this ready for 6.0/CR/ at this very moment ( and it might 
be a few days before it starts seeing rpms ) - so if there are things 
that need bashed out or spoken about or design issues that concern 
anyone, now would be a great time to share

- KB