[CentOS-devel] ksplice and CentOS

Thu Jul 21 21:29:43 UTC 2011
Tru Huynh <tru at centos.org>

On Thu, Jul 21, 2011 at 10:18:44PM +0100, Hakan Koseoglu wrote:
> On 21 July 2011 22:09, John R. Dennison <jrd at gerdesas.com> wrote:
> > Sorry to reply to my own message but they've also removed CentOS from
> > the list of supported platforms.
> >
> Do I live in a parallel universe?
> http://www.ksplice.com/uptrack/supported-kernels
> has
> Ksplice Uptrack supported kernels
> Ksplice Uptrack can bring the following kernels up to date with the
> latest important security and bug fix patches:
but the header reads:
On July 21, 2011,  Oracle announced that it has acquired Ksplice. 
points to http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/Acquisitions/ksplice/index.html
and http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/press/435791
Oracle believes it will be the only enterprise Linux provider that can offer
zero downtime updates, and expects to make the Ksplice technology a standard
feature of Oracle Linux Premier Support.

Time will tell

Tru Huynh (mirrors, CentOS i386/x86_64 Package Maintenance)
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