[CentOS-devel] mantis e-mail

Wed Jul 27 10:44:37 UTC 2011
R P Herrold <herrold at centos.org>

On Wed, 27 Jul 2011, Manuel Wolfshant wrote:

>>>>> I don't know if this can be changed but the way it is set up now is
>>>>> that you do not get email for your own action (submission/update/etc).

>>> No idea if people expect that (I wouldn't), but we lived with that for
>>> ages now - and to be honest it is the first time I've heard someone
>>> complain about that.

>>> We can change it, but I do not want to change things for people who are
>>> already using the CentOS bug tracker for a longer time (normally I know
>>> what I typed, so I don't really need an acknowledging mail).
>> Several e-mail options are available under mantis' Account Preferences.
>> They are end-user "options" to enable/disable as checked, yet don't
>> function as presented.
> I confirm that. I wanted to subscribe to ALL new bugs, I have enabled
> the corresponding options in my account but yetI receive mails only for
> the bugs I monitor.

I have amended the default settings so the reporter will now 
get a confirmation when filing a bug and some other side 

Anyone in Developer state should be able to self configure 
their account to receive notifications of all new bugs as 
well.  If you are not, please file a bug against: 'Mantis BT @ 
CentOS' as to your account (that I will see along with a 
couple of other admin rights accounts) and I'll examine.

Fair warning: watching every new bug exposes you to the spam 
the tracker gets; it is perhaps better to subscribe to the RSS 
feeds, and to 'monitor' bugs of interest

Anyone with an account can 'monitor' an issue, and see all 
subsequent changes

I think there is a usage issue in play here, in not 'grokking' 
the tool's workflow by and large [except for the now changed 
initial report mailer mentioned above]

We get spammers all the time into the tracker ... I see 26 new 
ones in the last week, 400 never used accounts, and over 6000 
accounts overall.  Of those, only 57 are active.  I do 
occasional 'pruning' of 'never used' accounts, as a person so 
pruned, if real, can simply re-sign up, and if USING the 
account, will never see the pruning hook

-- Russ herrold