[CentOS-devel] CentOS 6 status update (relayed from the web forum)

Thu Jun 2 12:49:14 UTC 2011
Phil Schaffner <Philip.R.Schaffner at NASA.gov>

Karanbir Singh wrote on 06/02/2011 06:21 AM:
> On the other hand, the ISOS can be fairly easily re-created from the
> tree, so if the rpms tree are is already in place that would be easier
> than going down the tar route.

Seems that would help a lot with the limited QA upload bandwidth that 
apparently delayed the initial unified tree.

Publishing a recipe for doing it would save a lot of people a lot of 
time and bandwidth for QA downloads, as well as releases for the 
community.  The current procedure on the Wiki


fails with a package tree for lack of a .discinfo file.  If there is a 
simple process for creating one it could be incorporated into the script.