[CentOS-devel] Status of CentOS 5 for the i586?

Fri Jun 3 16:08:56 UTC 2011
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 06/03/2011 04:39 PM, Yury V. Zaytsev wrote:
>> If the development process can churn via patches that get some sort of
>> peer review, I dont see why the build+sign cant happen inside a centos
>> builder instance. There is hardware for ia64/i586/sparc available. Keys
>> are still something to look at further down the road.
> I had exactly this in mind when I was advocating for keeping SPEC files
> and patches in git repositories ala git-buildpackage earlier on this
> list.

We have had spec files and content in a version control setup for about 
6 years now :) we just need to find a working mechanism around it that 
allows for external stuff to sync in. Eg, using callbacks from within 
the buildsystem - I spoke about this briefly at my loadays talk earlier 
this year.

> For instance, you can have a stack of git repositories for packages
> needing a change, and those could be connected to some review board
> software, there are herds of those available for git.
> This would also enable for easy import / backport of the updates to stay
> in sync with the main CentOS distribution.

version control does not solve anything really, its just a storage 
mechanism. It might make things easier for some people, harder for 
others, but its just a storage format for some parts of the metadata. 
Also, using git is definitely the way to go these days. Specially now 
that it can work with depth extraction from remote repos.

- KB