[CentOS-devel] CentOS-[56] Continous Release

Fri Jun 3 18:05:07 UTC 2011
Lamar Owen <lowen at pari.edu>

On Friday, June 03, 2011 12:19:52 PM Karanbir Singh wrote:
> In an ideal world, we should try and keep yum at 3.2.22, lets first 
> confirm that the distro-sync patch does not apply to 3.2.22 as we ship 
> it first.

It's hard to patch functionality that isn't even present.  That is, 3.2.22 doesn't do distro-sync at all, and this patch patches existing distro-sync code.

The 'distro-sync full' patch was applied to yum git on 3/25/2011, so current yum from git has this functionality; yum-3.4.0 was first shipping version with it, and is the stable version immediately after 3.2.29.

I'm not even going to speculate on how difficult or how easy actually going to yum 3.4 would be, but I am going to read up on it.

It would be easier for C6 than for C5, as the distro-sync full patch might apply cleanly to the 3.2.29 cli.py.  As to backporting the patch, that would require a backport of the entirety of the distro-sync functionality (which, IMO, isn't in itself a bad thing).