[CentOS-devel] CentOS 6 Artwork?

Sat Mar 12 05:35:44 UTC 2011
Shawn Thompson <superfox436 at gmail.com>

Just wondering, do we have any plans for the CentOS 6.0 artwork? I kinda had
an idea for a theme for this release, a theme that works in our logo colors
along with a somewhat professional looking manner, and of course with the
lack of a better name, I called it Prism. I'm somewhat satisfied with what I
got here right now, though I really think my intended "vision" for this
could only truly be seen if I used some raster stuff alongside my attempt at
using Inkscape for such a product. What I got here, is more of a primer for
a more "definitive" design package incorporating these elements (and when we
have more of an actual vision, then I'll list it on the wiki somewhere).


I'm sure we could find ways of jazzing this concept up, but I really think
for 6.0, the artwork should be as good as the artwork in distributions
sponsored by a certain upstream vendor. We can't just completely use 5.5's
since there are some new elements in the 6.0-era distro (Plymouth splash
screen, new GDM format, new Anaconda graphics etc.), so a complete makeover
should really be completed by release.

~Shawn Thompson
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