[CentOS-devel] Website Version 2, next steps

Tue Mar 1 20:09:37 UTC 2011
Steve Meyers <steve-centos at spamwiz.com>

On 3/1/11 12:59 PM, Andreas Rogge wrote:
> If you're "fighting" with your CMS you're definitely using the wrong
> tool for the job.

I guess that's why I don't like to use CMSes.  I like to have more 
control over layout and such, and I find I spend less time doing my own 
CSS and HTML than I would trying to get my CSS to work within the CMS 
CSS.  The more customizing you do with the CMS, the more problems you 
potentially have when you do upgrades in the future.

Like I said though, it all depends on how many pages you're maintaining. 
  At some point, it's better to just work within the bounds of the CMS 
and give up some of the customizability, in order to have better 

I'm saying all this without having seen a site design for the new 
website, so perhaps I should just keep my piehole shut.