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Thu Mar 10 12:16:51 UTC 2011
John R. Dennison <jrd at gerdesas.com>

On Thu, Mar 10, 2011 at 10:54:21PM +1100, Bill Maidment wrote:
> Enough of this slanging match! The professionalism of this list has
> gone right down the tubes!

	Actually I thought Johnny's response was the epitome of
	professionalism considering the invective of the response he was
	replying to.

	And he's right.  If you don't like it you are not forced to
	continue using the product.  The original poster seems to feel
	that he is owed something which he is not.  People are free to
	believe what they wish, of course, but the reality of the
	situation might very well be something completely at odds with
	their mistaken beliefs.

> Please take the 'Ce' out and make it ntOS. It has nothing to do with
> Community or Enterprise.

	Get real.  It's a full baked, 100% binary, API and ABI compliant
	rebuild of the upstream vendor's enterprise linux product.  Said
	product, I might add, being the most popular and well entrenched
	commercial enterprise linux product in the world.  If you,
	somehow, take that to mean that CentOS isn't an enterprise grade
	distribution then you are, I must say, quite deluded.

> I have decided to take all my servers to Scientific Linux forthwith.

	Excellent.  May you find happiness and peace there.

> I will not touch CentOS with a bargepole from now on.

	Wow.  You've access to a bargepole?  Neat beans.

> Goodbye


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