[CentOS-devel] Updates from today

Thu Mar 10 14:53:43 UTC 2011
Zenon Panoussis <oracle at provocation.se>

On 03/10/2011 11:04 AM, Karanbir Singh wrote:

> The complexity of this stuff is beyond what you are able to parse.

Could you please elaborate?

I don't mean here in reply to this posting. I mean it long-term, in the
bug tracker and also in a publicly accessible git repo of patches and
quirks. As things are now, the dev team has a huge amount of knowledge
on how CentOS is made, but very little of it trickles outside the core

So, what I'm saying essentially is this: would you care to make the
de-branding and building process fully open, so that others can copy it,
learn from it, improve upon it, and also contribute back? Would you care
to share your scripts and other wheels, so others won't have to re-invent

Mind you, I'm not asking you to start writing documentation or do anything
that would take away resources from actually producing CentOS. What I'm
asking is just that you open up the work you're doing anyway, no extra
cost involved.

Doing so would also serve to protect your work in the long term. People
tend to get hit by busses, by marriage, by small children, by new jobs,
you name it. CentOS is so big by now that it deserves protection also
from its own team. If you would disappear one day for whatever reason,
good or bad, others should be able to take over and continue where you
left. Sharing the knowledge creates that protection.