[CentOS-devel] Updates from today

Thu Mar 10 22:33:18 UTC 2011
R P Herrold <herrold at centos.org>

On Thu, 10 Mar 2011, Dag Wieers wrote:Hughes:

>> too.  Tim Verhoeven has some access as well.  Not to the signing keys
>> ... not many people have that, but to be able to build some packages.

> This information is not available from anywhere else. So only Karanbir,
> Tru and you have access to the signing keys.

This information as to who particularly has access to the 
signing keys has intentionally never been discussed publicly. 
I would prefer the cyber-ninja's did not break into my 
safe-deposit box at the bank to steal the media bearing the 
'end of the world' backup copies and pass-phrases

Is there a purpose to mis-reading and mis-stating what was 
said, Dag?

You made the choice to leave and close a door, Dag, subsequent 
to having been recruited in part by me and others to be on a 
track that would have ended up in you being a signer and 
builder for record for CentOS

That is over, and that door will not re-open

-- Russ herrold