[CentOS-devel] Updates from today

Fri Mar 11 17:31:22 UTC 2011
Thomas Bendler <ml at bendler-net.de>

2011/3/10 Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

> [...]
> CentOS is for the community ... it is not BUILT buy the community.
> [...]

If this statement was already on the list back in December, tons of emails
where completely unnecessary. This is the big misunderstanding, a lot of
people interpret the C as something that the community is doing, not that
the community is using. This is normally declared as free, so FentOS might
be a better name or even better FOS because enterprise stand for fixed
release cycles and other professional stuff that is not match with
statements like it's done when it's done. But nevertheless what the name is,
if you put this information on the top of the CentOS page or at least
somewhere on the top of the FAQ section or so, everyone will know what the
purpose of CentOS is and I guess they will only ask when things are released
and not anymore how they can help. So this should significant reduce the
amount of mails on this list.

Kind regards, Thomas
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