[CentOS-devel] I want to help

Tue Mar 29 15:26:34 UTC 2011
Matthew Miller <mattdm at mattdm.org>

On Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 05:03:55AM -0500, John R. Dennison wrote:
> > Just today I read in LWN( https://lwn.net/Articles/435744/ ) about the 
> > problems with CentOS. 
> 	Posting restricted content links that are available to paying
> 	subscribers only is, shall we say, useless in the general case.

The content will be available for free in two weeks.

Within that time, subscribers can generate links to a free version of the
content to share with others. LWN is a valuable resource that I highly
encourage _anyone_ interested in or dependent on Linux to subscribe. But if
anyone in the CentOS development community would like access to this
article, please e-mail me off-list. (It would be abusive of their trust to
just post it to the list, of course, but since this seems like an important
article for the project I'd like people who need timely access to be able to
see it.)

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