[CentOS-devel] Help with LiveCD for 6.0

Tue May 24 14:59:21 UTC 2011
Jeff Sheltren <jeff at osuosl.org>

On Tue, May 24, 2011 at 7:57 AM, Charles Polisher <cpolish at surewest.net> wrote:
> A friend has always had a beef with CentOS live CD that it
> hadn't provided an option for "I like it, now do a real, full
> installation to the hard drive". I'm not clear as to if your
> comments covered such. Is this an envisioned use-case? If not,
> was this usage included in the survey? I could be talked into
> further research/implementation if this is on target.

Yes, both the LiveCD and LiveDVD are planned to support an install to
HDD option.