[CentOS-devel] Identi.ca and GCL or clisp

Fri Nov 4 20:26:15 UTC 2011
Isaac Cortés <isaac18490 at gmail.com>

Is there a identi.ca client that I can use? And why there is not GCL or
clisp in the repo? How can I get them?


*“But JavaSchools also fail to train the brains of kids to be adept, agile,
and flexible enough to do good software design (and I don’t mean OO
“design”, where you spend countless hours rewriting your code to rejiggle
your object hierarchy, or you fret about faux “problems” like has-a vs.
is-a). You need training to think of things at multiple levels of
abstraction simultaneously, and that kind of thinking is exactly what you
need to design great software architecture.”

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