[CentOS-devel] moving the CR repo into mainstream release

Tue Nov 1 14:49:19 UTC 2011
christoph <christoph.ascendos at chello.at>

>  hi guys,
>  We are still in the early days of CentOS-6, and perhaps a change in
>  policy at this time might be acceptable. I'd like to propose moving the
>  CR repo into the mainline repos. So the change I'm proposing is :
>  - to have a /6/ release that is always updated.
>  - to have the /6.X/ releases that are contained to within that point release
>  what this means is that /6/ will point at the most recent release of
>  6.X/ for the os/&  isos/ repo. The other repos would be local to the /6/
>  symlink, and will be always updated ( and stay that way ).
>  there is going to be quite a lot of implications backend / mirror side
>  that we will need to work out, but its effort + pain as a one off, for
>  what can be a major improvement in the user experience.
>  thoughts ?
>  - KB


I agree. The CR-Repo is very much appreciated and - imho - should have a place in the mainline repo.
This might also take some load off of the mirrors during point release time (as most packages from /os
are already updated via /cr - for those who use it. Did I get that one right?)
Changing my mirrorlayout should be no problem.


all the best