[CentOS-devel] moving the CR repo into mainstream release

Tue Nov 1 15:57:44 UTC 2011
Digimer <linux at alteeve.com>

On 11/01/2011 11:50 AM, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> On 11/01/2011 03:47 PM, Digimer wrote:
>> Personally, I'd prefer to keep CR separate and have the main releases as
>> they've been.
> with the point release going into /6.x/ you will have the option to keep
> things as they are as well. Would that cover your use case ? it would
> allow you to do the point release switch manually, whenever you chose to
> do so.

So long as I can do a 'yum update' and not get the next y-stream
packages until the actual y-stream is released proper, I am happy. In
other words, so long as the stability of my nodes is not effected in any
way, and compatibility with upstream also remains, I am happy. :)

>> The idea behind CentOS is that it is super stable and matches upstream.
>> I worry that merging CR will hurt the stability. I've enabled CR on some
>> test nodes and started seeing issues, minor though they may be.
> I hope you are opening bug reports for these issues!

I'm ashamed to say that I neglected to do so. I saw kernel oopses while
working on other things and didn't get back to them... I'll be sure to
file a bug next I see it.

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