[CentOS-devel] FreeType Bytecode Interpreter

Wed Nov 23 17:53:26 UTC 2011
Manuel Wolfshant <wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro>

On 11/23/2011 07:37 PM, Marcus Moeller wrote:
> Hi all.
>>>>>> As the patents for the Bytecode interpreter has been expired [1], I
>>>>>> wonder if we could build freetype '--with bytecode_interpreter' set.
>>>>>> Greets
>>>>>> Marcus
>>>>>> [1] http://www.freetype.org/patents.html
>>>>>> _______________________________________________
>>>>> Only if they build it that way in RHEL.
>>>> Wouldn't this be a candidate for the centosplus repo?
>>>> You build other packages with options different to upstream in
>>>> centosplus (e.g, postfix with mysql support enabled)?
>>> We could do that if there is a need.
>>> Putting this in the upstream bugzilla might get it turned on for the
>>> main distro.
> Ok, I am going to check if RHEL ships with Bytecode Interpreter already
> active. If not, I am going to create an upstream BZ.
>> Until then it's a perfect candidate for centosplus.
> So centosplus may contain packages that are already in base?


> How is made sure that these are taken? By higher Release Tags or just by
> includes/excludes?
by default centosplus is disabled. users must make sure that they 
include what's needed and exclude what is not. see 
http://wiki.centos.org/AdditionalResources/Repositories/CentOSPlus . In 
particular, ".centos" is also added to the release.

In my case, for instance:
name=CentOS-$releasever - Base

#released updates
name=CentOS-$releasever - Updates

In this particular case , I have my own postfix ( mysql enabled, no 
pgsql) that I want to protect, but the idea is the same. In the initial 
days I used to use postfix-centos.mysql_pgsql.i386.rpm but I decided 
that the postgresql stack was useless for my use case and got rid of it.