[CentOS-devel] fpaste feedback

Sat Oct 1 20:42:01 UTC 2011
John R. Dennison <jrd at gerdesas.com>

Feedback for fpaste-VERSION in c5-testing.

Unable to test -i/--clipin, -o/--clipout, or --selection as I do not run

All other options tested and all seem fine with the exception of an
anomaly with --pasteself.

Upon using this option the script successfully pastes itself to
fpaste.org and then presents the user with:

install fpaste to local ~/bin dir by running:    mkdir -p ~/bin; curl http://fpaste.org/8WcN/raw/ -o ~/bin/fpaste && chmod +x ~/bin/fpaste


Pipelines: echo "foo" | fpaste
Redirects: fpaste < /path/to/file
Files: fpaste /path/to/file
stdin: fpaste <^d>

All combinations of command line arguments were tested including
argument overload.

No anomalies / bugs other than that listed above were detected.

Can this please get moved into extras soon?  Having to point people to
epel to install a cli paste client is somewhat annoying.  Thanks.


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