[CentOS-devel] Word of Appriciation

Sat Oct 29 09:23:50 UTC 2011
christoph <christoph.ascendos at chello.at>

I would like to say a big "Thank you" to all of the developers of 
CentOS!! Especially since TUV released V6 it seems to have gotten a lot 
harder for you people in providing the community with this great OS 
(including but not limited to a lot of heat in the mailing lists). 
Thanks for carrying on!

CentOS6 made my life at work much easier. I'm moving some 30+ machines 
(primary function iptables-Firewalling) from OpenSuSE to C6, so I won't 
have to do a major distro upgrade every 18 months. Since the first 
deployment of C6 starting this summer, it worked like a charm. Of 
course, I only use a very limited set of its features (basically 
"minimal desktop" is enough), but the long term support counts!

Also the ps performance toolkit - which is based on C5 - works great, 
part to you guys providing the OS.

The work you do is very much appreciated! Keep it up.