[CentOS-devel] CentOS 5.7 has no centos-release-cr package

Fri Sep 16 00:54:39 UTC 2011
Ben Galliart <ben at steadfast.net>

>From Marcus Moeller:
> The centos-cr repository should only be unsed during transition phase 
> from one minor to another. The package will be removed once the next 
> minor is release, and re-appear on next transition. (hope I said it 
> right, Karan :))
> So the cr release package is not meant to be included in kickstart by 
> default.

If CR is the recommended way to get security fixes during transition periods, then I would prefer to have systems opt-in ahead of time during the installs instead of at the last minute.

It seems odd to "strongly recommend everyone using CentOS-5 install and update their system using this repository" but then say it shouldn't be part of a kickstart.  Is it recommended to install using the repo or not?

It also discourages use of the CR repo if the official method of using the repo only is provided when the distribution version is in transition.  Most users are expecting the output of "yum update" to reflect if there is additional updates available for their system.  It seems like users are now expected to also manually track the CentOS twitter page for additional instructions or availability of a repo release RPM.  If that is the case, then to avoid confusion when yum normally would show no updates available, maybe yum should be modified to also provide details from Twitter as to what additional update steps are available and when.