[CentOS-devel] Advice on compiling multiple packages with mock

Tue Sep 27 17:43:47 UTC 2011
Ljubomir Ljubojevic <office at plnet.rs>

Време: 09/27/2011 05:31 PM, Johnny Hughes пише:
> You need to somehow script the proper order and/or dependencies if you
> are using mock.  You would also need to script something that would add
> the built packages into a repo if you need to build them "staged" (that
> is, you build package A and it is needed for Package B later ... you
> need some kind of script to move the .rpms from A into one of your repos
> and run createrepo on it before you build package B).
> There are things that do staging for mock ... one is plague, the other
> is koji ... I am sure there are others.

Both those are complete systems, I was looking at little simpler 
solution, but will keep them in mind. I am for now even battling with 
mock and his applications and configuration.

>> I have another (hopefully last) question. How do you build i686 packages
>> in mock (or for that matter in rpmbuild)? Do you just change it's name?
>> or use command option or change it in some macro?
> You need to use a command like this to build i686 for mock:
> setarch i686 mock --statedir="{somepath}/state" --resultdir="{some path
> to put built files}" -r "{some mock config file}" --arch="i686" {SRPM to
> build}
> Here is some example scripts that I use for building mock packages (this
> is for the c5 mock we use for centos5 and is in c5 extras ... newer
> versions for c6 will have different options):
> http://people.centos.org/hughesjr/buildsystem/

Thanks, this will be very usefull.


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