[CentOS-devel] CentOS 5.7 has no centos-release-cr package

Wed Sep 28 08:31:11 UTC 2011
Xavier Bachelot <xavier at bachelot.org>

On 09/23/2011 10:25 PM, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> On 09/22/2011 08:16 PM, Ben Galliart wrote:
>> On 09/17/2011, Karanbir Singh wrote:
>>> Now back to the question on hand, centos-release-cr in 5.7..
>>> Perhaps the best place for the centos-release-cr is in the updates/
>>> repo, rather than the /cr/ repo, since that way it would further reduce
>>> the barrier for people to opt-in, a simple 'yum install
>>> centos-releae-cr' would get them on the track, and keep them there till
>>> such time as they want to opt-out.
>> Is there any ETA as to when this could be done or at least decided on?
> There is no need to upgrade anything.  If you installed the package, you
> are on CR ... then and now.
> The CentOS-CR repo points to /5/cr/ (which is 5.7 now and was 5.6 when
> the repo file was released).
> It (/cr/) is currently empty because 5.7/os and 5.7/updates contain all
> the RPMS that are required to update from 5.6 (or any other version of
> CentOS).
> When 5.8 is released, the RPMs that are part of 5.8 will get put into
> the /5.7/cr/ and allow people who are opted in to get the updates before
> the 5.8 release.
> I think maybe putting the RPM in "extras", so it is easier to install is
> doable ... but not a huge issue.
> In fact, I have put it there.  centos-release-cr is now in extras.
What's the reasoning for putting centos-release-cr in the extras repo ? 
Imho, the package would fit better in either the updates or cr 
repositories (with a preference for the later), because these 2 repos 
allows to get upstream updates and only that, while extras carries a lot 
of packages not coming from upstream. Providing a repository yum 
configuration from within said repository is quite usual for other repos 
and it looks strange to have to use one repo to get the conf for another.

The use case is to kickstart an install with base + updates + cr in 
order to have a fully updated and updatable system with only packages 
from upstream. Adding extras to the mix to be able to pull just the 
centos-release-cr package makes the use of other 3rd party repositories 
more difficult, as extras and 3rd party repo can and do provide 
overlapping packages. This is true for epel, I guess this is true for 
others 3rd party repos. Indeed, this can be worked around, but this adds 
some complexity.