[CentOS-devel] How Centos compiles SRPMs from Red Hat

Sat Apr 7 10:39:38 UTC 2012
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 04/06/2012 12:12 PM, Peter Penzov wrote:
> Hi,
>   I'm interested how Centos Team changes and compiles SRPMs from Red
> Hat? Do you have a public manual which describes the process of
> compilation and building Centos? I suppose that this information is not
> private. Can you give me a more information about that?
> Best wishes
> Peter

I am not sure what you really want ... but ...

1.  Our goal is to rebuild every SRPM with this command (which means no
changes, if possible):

rpmbuild --rebuild <SRPM_NAME>

(or rpmbuild -ba <SPEC_NAME> ... which is the same thing with an
extracted SRPM)

2.  We only change things that are required to comply with Red Hat's
trademark policy here:


3.  There is no Manual (public or otherwise) that describes the process
... we rebuild the SRPMS per (1) above, we make modifications as
required by (2) above.

4.  If you want to know what which files we change, the release notes of
every version contain that info ... but as a general rule:

  a.  We change the kernel so that the key that signs the modules says
CentOS and not Red Hat to comply with their policy on trademarks.  We DO
NOT put a .centos. in the name of the kernel because that will break 3rd
party drivers that are built to run in the install media.  This is the
only SRPM that is changed but does not have a .centos. in the filename.

  b.  Any other files we modify have .centos. in the filename.  If you
want a list of SRPMS that we have modified, get them all from
vault.centos.org and put them in a directory and do this:

ls *centos*

That list and kernel-2.6.*.src.rpm are files we have modified in some
way ... every other SRPM is just rebuilt per (1) above.

5.  If you want to know the exact modifications we made to an SRPM, you
can download and extract the SRPM from our vault and download the
original SRPM from upstream and extract that and run a diff between the
two SPEC directories and the two SOURCE directories.

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