[CentOS-devel] How Centos compiles SRPMs from Red Hat

Sat Apr 7 13:24:10 UTC 2012
Peter Penzov <peter.penzov at gmail.com>

I have some more questions:
1. Do you use a cluster for building the source code or you take the SRPMs
and manually copy/paste them into the building systems?
2. What tool do you use to find differences into SRPMs? I don't believe
that you extract the packets manually and compate the code with diff tool
every time.

Best wishes

On Sat, Apr 7, 2012 at 2:10 PM, Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org> wrote:

> On 04/06/2012 06:33 PM, Peter Penzov wrote:
> > I have some questions to ask:
> > 1. What build server do you use and how is configured? Can you paste the
> > mock configuration? (If you use mock)
> > 2. How much time is necessary to build the complete OS?(all packages)
> > 3. When you download the SRPMs from Red Hat ftp server how do you remove
> > the old packages from the latest?
> > 4. Are there any hidden stones?
> >
> > Please share
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> ========================================================
> Karanbir answered the rest of the questions ... but here is an answer to
> the one about how long (your #2):
> We have no idea how long it would to take to rebuild everything.  We
> don't do that except for the first time we build a release.  We don't
> even have any idea if the current SRPMS would build right now if you
> tried it (although the SHOULD).
> This is because we don't rebuild everything on every run.  We only
> rebuild NEW things as they are released.
> So, upstream releases 3 SRPMs today and we rebuild them today.  They
> release 3 more SRPMS tomorrow and we rebuild them tomorrow, etc.
> So our rebuild is Staged ... if you take all the SRPMS and rebuild them
> all at the same time then that may or may not work and may or may not
> produce identical results.
> For example, things that remain from the original CentOS-6.0 build were
> built against the repositories as they existed at that point in time.
> If you rebuild them now against CentOS-6.2 (as it exists now), that
> could introduce some inconsistencies as you would be using a different
> gcc and glibc (the new ones not the 6.0 ones).
> ========================================================
> Also, please note that the "CentOS Linux" distribution is open source
> and we (the "CentOS Project") provide all source code as we build it.
> (That would be the items from the SOURCE directories when you extract
> the SRPMS).
> We also provide all the scripts and methods required to rebuild it (that
> would be the SPEC file and rpmbuild and our distro, if you install it).
> Our goal is to provide you will a distribution that is free to use and
> to provides sources as required by the licenses of the software that are
> contained in CentOS.  You provide your own support, although you can use
> our mailing lists, forums, and wiki to get help from others in the
> "CentOS Community".
> However, it has never been the intent of the "CentOS Project" to tell
> you how to reproduce CentOS ... we just to provide the things we need to
> provide because we are Open Source.
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