[CentOS-devel] importing MariaDB to CentOS-Extras

Wed Dec 19 03:59:28 UTC 2012
Guenther Boelter <gboelter at gmail.com>

On 12/19/2012 10:33 AM, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> hi Guys,
> There seems to be a bit of interest in making MariaDB available in
> CentOS-Extras. There are a few options on how we set it up by default:


The Idea is good, but have you tried MariaDB already?

I have tried it, but I had some major problems so I had to move back to 
MySQL and that's not 'sooooo' easy. After a 'yum remove mariadb*' I 
tried 'yum install mysql*', but then yum tried to install mariadb again 
instead so I have to do some cleanup manually before.

So for example most of my stored procedures are not working. This 
problem is known there and I have to wait until it's fixed before I will 
try it again. Another problem is there LGPL-client. Works well with 
Linux (tested with Fedora 16 and CentOS 6.3 / 32+64 Bit) and Mac OS X, 
but it don't compile with Windows 7. It's reported from another user 
already and they have confirmed, that it looks like a bug.

My suggestion is No. 2 but you should wait a few weeks/month more.

And of course, I will try it again as soon there is an upgrade available.



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