[CentOS-devel] Promo Stuff request management

Thu Jan 26 17:24:24 UTC 2012
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

hi Guys,

the last time we had some TShirts sponsored, I asked for who wanted it -
and had to parse emails coming in, match sizes, check postage issues and
email followups to people. It wasent easy, and took a fair bit of time.
And in the end, I had to limit emails down to only those people who
actually got Tshirts sent to them.

For the 70 odd Tshirts I had, there were 500+ requests.

We are going to be getting some more TShirts in the next few days - and
this time they are split between two designs, and multiple colours and
different sizes (ofcourse). It would be great if there was some s/w that
could be installed on one of our machines that would allow us to add the
tshirt quantities and sizes and colours in, and then let people
essentially check-out.

The shirts are sponsored, the postage + packaging isnt. So people would
still need to come up with a bit of money ( it should be quite nominal ).

I'm also talking to someone locally about sponsoring beer and coffee
mugs and a few other things  ( its essentially what they do - make
glassware for large brands ). So this might be an ongoing thing.

So, my questions : is there anyone who can help with the online admin
side of things ? is there any recommended software that we can use ?[1]


- KB

[1]: I did think of a github repo, and ask people to merge request and
do it in that way, but that has no way for people to find out if their
size / colour / style is available and also most people would not want
their postal address and contact details in a public repo.

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