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Karanbir Singh

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Wed Jul 18 22:00:59 UTC 2012

hi Travis,

On 07/18/2012 03:10 PM, Travis Paul wrote:
> I'm curious about the status and goals of the RPM Packaging SIG but

Status is : stagnant.

Goals for the effort were to reach out and help other projects bring
their code into a release format with rpm spec files that are of
reasonable quality and release them into the CentOS-Contrib / Extras /
Plus repos. The idea was to either 'adopt' something upstream, or to
work with an upstream entity to make that happen.

This is a direction opposite to the idea of packagers who then have no
mechanism of feedback into the upstream code or the ability to take
patches/ bugfix etc upstream.

> there is no information available on the site. Since my company switched
> to CentOS last year I have been building and maintaining RPMs and
> YUM repositories for our projects. I'd like to continue building my
> skills in this area and help out CentOS at the same time. If there's
> some way that I can help in this area please direct me to any
> information on the subject.

The original goal was to focus on core infrastructure components -
mostly since thats the stuff that I care about the most myself. eg.
MariaDB / PgSQL / httpd / php / ruby etc - all places where we can
target real functional areas that CentOS is used in by a large number of
people. I also know there was quite a bit of interest in getting some of
the cloud stacks into the CentOS repos - we could do with Eucalyptus,
cloudstack, openstack etc being available directly. And the projects
gain by being able to export the code at a much lower barrier to entry
for the users.

The actual mechanism to make this happen is all in place, in the weeks
leading upto 6.3 we were working to stabilize the process and get the
basic infra up around the process. That took a bit of a break while we
worked through 6.3 but now that release is done, we can go back and
finish that stuff up, get it public and start building rpms !

I use the 'we' to indicate the QA team in this case, we've been working
on the alt.bsys in the #centos-qa irc channel.

Happy to answer any questions, and thanks for offering to help - there
is plenty of scope to pitch in with.

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