[CentOS-devel] Interested in IA64 build.

Thu Oct 4 16:11:45 UTC 2012
Florian La Roche <Florian.LaRoche at gmx.net>

> And while it might seem like I could sidestep up to 5.8, I want to iterate through the whole process, using the full tree, for my own reasons.

Hello Lamar Owen,

I think there is value in a self-hosted (can fully recompile itself) build of CentOS.

I sometimes use a recompile with koji as some test-load for kvm guest systems. A sample
recompile can be seen on http://jur-linux.org/koji/

Some rpms failing a recompile (not all will be relevant to IA64) are:
gpm, geronimo-specs, rhythmbox, evolution-connector, gstreamer-plugins-base,
gaim, totem

best regards,

Florian La Roche