[CentOS-devel] Promoting contributor efforts

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Wed Apr 17 10:43:11 UTC 2013


Firstly, thanks for the offers to help, Trevor, Nux and Christoph.
Should we get together on irc early next week and just have a chat about
how to get stuff started up ?

On 04/16/2013 12:19 PM, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> To this end, I'd like to propose the CentOS VIP effort. A draft overview
> is posted here : http://wiki.centos.org/KaranbirSingh/VIP

Secondly, how does everyone feel about the title... VIP is clearly not
the right term, Captains has been called cheesy, Ambassadors has been
called misleading, Advocates and Consul seem to be the front runners
here. Anyone fancy proposing another term ? or should we just vote on
Consul and Advocate and run with that.

- KB
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